Doesn't This Scream Summer! It's Almost Here!

I love anything having to do with Lemon!   Gotta Try this one...How about you?

It Is Going To Be Up In The 80's and 90's This Week!

Imagine...... Sitting poolside or  on  your patio with the BBQ  going with some  friends  with this great refreshing  drink!   Got  this on  Facebook  ......45 Minute Skinny

I Love This!

 This is something  We  need to try! What a neat  Christmas idea if you know the persons color scheme! Or what about for a Baby's Nursery !   Put their name in lights ! Can you imagine what a  unique gift that would be!     Looks like I just might be taking my own advice!!!!!!


So It's Tuesday What's Going On!

 I have been working in my vegetable garden !  Forgive my excitement but this is a first for me!
 I am usually in the house creating something not out side growing veggies! Who else is in the gardening mode?

        Two little Tomatoes ! Who would have thought I could get so excited over two tomatoes and one strawberry!

       But you have to admit, My Basil Thyme and Cilantro  look mighty good...Just sayin!

Can't wait for the English Cucumbers, Green Beans & Zucchini


Happy Memorial Day

 We Thank You!   God Bless!


Happy Memorial Day!

                                                         God Bless America !
To All Of The Brave Men And Women  Who Gave Their Lives To Keep Us Free.....Thank You!



Doesn't this look great ! This is from some of my Facebook Friends!  You gotta Love your Facebook Friends!  Hope You Are Having Great Weekend !
                                                               How about trying this with Strawberries!

You could make these with any Berries!

Happy Friday!

 Well what is everyone doing this Memorial Weekend?  I hope having fun with friends and family! Maybe a BBQ?
             The Family "Chef of the Grill" My Son Jeremy!
                                              Tropical Slush Recipe:  

Time to start the Creative Juices Going!

Well it's that time ! I can't believe my Grandson London is going to be a year old this 4th of July! London Loves Mickey Mouse Club House! So I'm starting to get things ready to make him for his Big Day! I might even try to do some video  of what I'm making! This will be a first!


Hi Everyone

Well  today I am feeling so sad. No inspiration today .   My heart goes out to Oklahoma . I can't get away from the TV. My Prayers go out to all of the People in Oklahoma !

Easy Peasy!

                                           Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

You can buy your chocolate from many different places .I  buy  from  Joann's or  Hobby Lobby.
 Have your strawberries,  Chocolate and anything else you might like to dip them in after.  Example  colored sugar, crushed walnuts,  mini chocolate chips etc.  Do this right after you dip them . The chocolate hardens pretty quick.If you think you might make these a lot which I do for different party's.
                                        I would invest  in  getting the  'Wilton's Chocolate Pro'  I got mine at Joann's.
               With the 40% off coupon it was around $17.00  if  not  melt in a double boiler . 
Wash the strawberries make sure they are dry if any water mixes with the chocolate it will harden.

          Dip them in the melted chocolate put on wax paper, let dry completely put on a pretty platter!



This is my first post and I have to admit I am a little nervous!
             You would think I was going on stage or something!   Butterflies in my tummy!  Thinking...  are they going to like me?   You  know all the showbiz  feelings  one gets when ready to do their
first performance!

                         Well now that that is over.....HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!
Nothing like Chocolate Covered Strawberries
to make Mom feel special!

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