My Grandson London At The Punkin Patch!


Vossler Farms Peeps!

Hey all of my thoroughly enjoying this beautiful Fall season Peeps!!! So Mama, Daddy-O and I are having a great Fall Season! Mama loves this time of the year! She loves all of the festivities that take place during this time! Of course, one of those festive, got-to-do, traditions is the Pumpkin Patch- preferably with a corn maze! Come on, if you are going to do the Pumpkin Patch, you might as well go for the maze!!! I have decided to take you on my journey to the Pumpkin Patch using 70 words/phrases that came to mind while on my Vossler Farms Pumpkin Patch Adventure!!! Are y'all ready? My 1st out of 70 words/phrases will begin right after this pic! Enjoy the Patch Peeps!!!

Mickey shirt.

Into the maze.

Tall green plant!

Hey Mama!

Are we lost?

Need directions.

Wrong person to get directions from.

Still lost.

Getting Hungry!


Human GPS!


Not now!

Still lost... still smilin'!


Or shelter?

Boy Scouts Baby!!!

Not vegetarians!

Used to be vegetarians.

I spot gold!

Orville Redenbacher!

Sweet kettle corn!

Cheddar cheese popcorn!

Carmel corn!


Nice beard.

Great pumpkin.

What do you mean not-so-great???

What's that?

London as Linus!!!

Found my pick!

May need a cart!

Too many to choose from!

I can handle this one!

How many pumpkins do we need?

Cow food!

Cowboy food?

Pumpkin decor!

Still hungry.

Cottage cheese tastes way better.

More laundry Mama!

Strolling through the patch.

Actually... walking through the patch.


Hay fever.

Worth it!

Cutest Pumpkin in the patch!

Uh-oh, last pumpkin pic has some competition!!!


Not moving very fast.

Name of the maze!

Almond milk break.

Lost my Tom.

Toes enjoying the fresh air.

Patching makes one thirsty...

Really thirsty...


Did you want some?

Pumpkin Patch strategizing.

What could I use all these pumpkins for?

Step stool onto the couch...

Pumpkin pie...

Playing soccer...

Need to see if these roll well.

Haven't found the Great Pumpkin either Chralie Brown.

Someone forgot to get painted! Way to stand out.

I want them all!

Spotted the cutest Turkey ever!

Thought this character was for the next holiday?

Another year, another patch!

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