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Easter Home Tour Collaboration Announcment !!!


My Fall Home Tour Collab 2017 !!


Some Still Shots Of My Easter Decorations!

I wanted to take some still shots ,so you could get more up close and personal!!!
All the Bunnies that I have collected thru the years make it very easy to decorate my house for Easter!

Love showing off my 2 littlest Angels in their Easter Best!

I decided to use this nest egg as a make shift Banner....remember ... always  ..Think Outside The Box!
This cup cake stand I purchased from Hobby Lobby has been great ....I love changing it up for different Holidays.
Another one of my tried and true Bunnies helping me out!

The Formal Dining Room turned out excactly the way I wanted!

 I really like the Grapevine Wreath from Hobby Lobby
goes perfectly with the Decor. I have chosen this year... I love when everything just flows.
That is not always the case.lol

Love decorating the Kitchen.

Bunnies and Eggs everywhere!
This sweet heart has been with me since the 90's!
his guy has been with me since the 80's
2 of my Favorites !
Chalk Board Eggs are just the ticket to personalize some Easter Eggs!

This guy is always there to hold something for
me if I need him to!
May all of you have A Blessed Easter!
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