Happy Valentine's Day to My Family!

I love to  take pictures of my family. To capture Memories of a time you can never get back. Sometimes they can get a little irritated with me and my camera...lol!  My one son will tease and  say.... 'She looks like a tourist in her own home with that camera!'' I am always taking pictures!!!!  But  I think just maybe after seeing  this Family Montage...They might let this Tourist (lol) keep taking their pictures!!!  

My Valentine Home Tour!


Valentine Home Decorating!


A Valentine Tree?

You don't have to wait for Christmas to decorate a Christmas Tree. Buy a Christmas Tree when they go on Clearance whatever color your heart desires ...it's your choice!!!
Keep it for other Holidays..Valentines as shown
Easter Saint Patricks Day
A Birthday!!! It is up to you!

Have fun with it.

Have Fun...The sky is the limit!


Make A Beautiful Altered Shabby Chic Bottle!

Enjoy watching my Video on how to make a " Shabby Chic Altered Bottle''
 Take any Bottle and turn it into a Beautiful Creation!

Close up of a Bread Dough Flower I made to embellish my bottle.

Back side of bottle.

another view 

Make Your Own Bread Dough Flowers!

What you will need to get started making your Beautiful Bread Dough Flowers:
Ponds Cold Cream or any face cream that has Lanolin. 
1 Tablespoon Aleene's Tacky Glue 
1 piece of White Bread
Acrylic Paint of your choice.
Take one piece of white bread remove all the crust. Crumble the bread into a plastic cup.
to that add
1 Tablespoon of Aleene's Tacky Glue
2 to 4 drops of Acrylic Paint your choice of color
Small amount of Cold Cream, size of a pencil eraser head
stir with a popsicle stick or some thing you can throw away after using
After it is mixed...get into the fun stuff . Take the dough out of the cup and keep until it gets smooth.
It will feel and look like Playdough

Add your paint and kneed into dough until completely mixed in.
Keep in a air tight container.
When you have created your flowers
leave them out to dry. yes they air dry!
Embellish what ever you want with your Beautiful Bread Dough Flowers!

 This is an Altered Shabby Chic Bottle I made .
Look how pretty my Bread Dough Flower looks on it . They look like Porcelain!
Have Fun!

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