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And now it's time for more fun and fabulous home decor ideas! First up is this superbly shabby chic hanging sign by Miranda that features A Ladies' Diary! This is such a beautiful and inventive way to create timeless home decor! Fussy cut elements, Graphic 45 Metal Key Holes and pretty ribbon add to the irresistible charm of this sweet creation! Add a few fun photos and you've got a perfect heartfelt gift idea! Whether you're creating this piece to add beauty to your own home, or giving it to a friend or family member, this adorable work of art is guaranteed to please! Here is what Miranda had to say about it!
"I am a huge fan of anything that has movement to it! So i love to create hanging signs of sorts. This is meant to house at least one photo in the frame at the bottom. But has space at the top for more. I wanted to have a vintage look, that was very feminine. So of course A Ladies Diary had to be used. I also added some Place in Time as well. I just love how you can find pieces to coordinate with anything you are using. I also just loved the big rose fussy cut at the top. I could fussy cut these papers all day!" -Miranda
A-Ladies-Diary-Hanging-Sign-Graphic-45-Miranda-Edney-home decor, gift
A Ladies Diary-Ageless Beauty
Place In Time-July Foundation
Place in Time-April Cut Aparts
Graphic 45 Staples: Ornate Metal Key Holes
Wooden Frame by Kaisercraft
Bird Cage by Prima
May Arts Ribbon
Pink Lace
Handmade Wire Hanger

Next up is another classic piece of handmade home decor. Behold this gorgeous altered washboard by Rhea! This is such a fun way to add new life to an old object! The rustic charm of French Country is just perfect for this beautiful project! It would look amazing in any room of the house! Rhea's creation also highlights some wonderful uses of theFrench Country cardstock Flowers! This amazing piece of home decor would be so much fun to create! Here Rhea explains how she made this glorious work of art!
"When I came across a collection of old washboards at an estate sale, I just knew I had to have one to alter.  Ever since I became a part of the Graphic 45 team, I have been on the hunt for vintage items with flat surfaces to alter with their scrumptious paper.  You will be surprised at what you can find at thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales if you pay attention. Since this was a very well used washboard, the surfaces were quite warped.  This caused me to have to embrace imperfection a little bit and also use a very wet glue application to get the paper to adhere.  The flowers were placed strategically to also cover imperfections in the piece.  With just a little bit of creative thinking you can alter just about anything to create a simple home décor piece." -Rhea
French_Country_Washboard_Rhea_Freitag_home decor, gift idea
Old washboard from an estate sale
Distress Ink Brushed Corduroy
Modge Podge, matte finish
May Arts Ribbon (burlap and printed)
Here is another exquisite home decor creation that you're sure to love! Here is an amazing Bohemian Bazaar house that Nichola created with the Graphic 45 Small Matchbook Box! Don't you just love the bright and beautiful colors of Bohemian Bazaar? The joyful designs really shine in this hypnotic work of art! Look at how Nichola used the Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Keys to create a cute little fence around the house! Such a marvelous idea! This superb creation would add incredible cheer to any room! It is filled with so much imagination and vintage charm. Here is what Nichola had to say about it. 
"A sweet little house created from the G45 Staples: Small Matchbook Box. The inside drawer of the matchbook becomes the base for the piece and the exterior boxed sleeve is transformed into a peak roofed house. I was going to create a scene inside the box, to be viewed through the ‘back window’, but I think there’s enough going on outside in the little yard where ‘Proud Priscilla’ stands. I love the idea of a giant keyhole door and the upsidedown ornate keyholes were just begging to be windows." -Nichola

BohemianBazaar_ProudPriscillas_altered_box_Graphic45_Nichola_Battilana_home decor, gift idea




Antiqued brass brads
Petaloo flowers and greenery
Vintage lady portrait
                                                                            Vintage book page

Wasn't that fun, G45ers?! We encourage you all to try creating some splendid home decor with your favorite Graphic 45 collection! You'd be amazed what a new handmade work of art can do to cheer up your space! We want to thank Miranda, Rhea and Nichola for their gorgeous work today. We had so much fun sharing today's marvelous crafts with all of you! Come on back and see us tomorrow for more amazing inspiration and cheer! Have a great day!

Happy Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45


Doggie Ice Cream!

ripe medium banana
cup crunchy peanut butter
containers (6 oz each) Yoplait® Greek Fat Free plain yogurt
  • 1In blender or food processor, place all ingredients. Cover; blend about 30 seconds or until smooth, stopping frequently to scrape sides.
  • 2Spoon about 2 tablespoons mixture into each section of ice cube tray or small waxed paper cups. Freeze at least 2 hours until solid.
  • 3Pop out of ice cube tray or peel paper cup away, and place pops in resealable freezer plastic bag until ready to serve.


    Check with your vet to make sure these treats fit into your dog's diet. Check the recipe for any known foods or ingredients your pet may be allergic to.
    Tiny bite-sized treats are better than monster sized. Just enough to cool down the little ones (furry or not!).


    Meet The Robertsons!

    It was  so much fun listening to Alan and his dad Phil Robertson give their testimony at Saddleback Church yesterday! What you see on their Reality Show DUCK DYNASTY is the real deal ! Two wonderful men of God! Alan will be on this new season with his family!
    This man shoots straight from the hip!
    My friend Jan And I 


    Turning One!

    Here is the Birthday Party for my grandson London's 1st. Birthday!

    Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream, Make it the Coolest Birthday that I've Ever Seen!

    Hey all of my candy eatin', year of London watchin', cake smashin', Birthday partying Peeps! So the week of my Birthday finally arrived after much preparation on Mama and Daddy's end, and my Folks explained to me all of the fun Birthday festivities that they had planned for Me! I could not quite "see" what the Parentals were explaining, but I definitely dreamed of what my perfect celebration would look like...

    I would wear a snappy and snazzy outfit consisting of red and white polka dot suspenders with a matching bow tie; and no "Birthday Worthy" outfit would be complete without a cap with a coordinating pair of knickers.

    The location of my event would be at "Mickey's Clubhouse"... or Noni's Clubhouse transformed into the Mouse's House!

    I would walk- okay, I could be carried- into the Clubhouse on the day of my party, and on every table would be centerpieces that were shaped in the iconic visions of the 3 musketeers- Mickey, Donald and Goofy- and adorning the very top would be a personalized Mouseketeer hat... with no other than "LONDON" stamped on it! My first set of LONDON Mouska-Ears!

    Every one of my mine and Mickey's Guests would have their own balloon tied to their chair... Someone's cheeks would be hurtin' pretty good after blowin' all of those puppies up!

    And at each place setting would be a Mickey plate, napkin, set of "Ears", a Candy Treat box that would have pictured the Fab Four (Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto) and the Plastic Ware would need to be presented brilliantly, each utensil a differing color tied together with a Mickey Head silhouette perfectly placed on top. You've got to excuse my dreams, they are super duper detailed.

    Over the scrumptious lunch buffet table (preferably catered by the delicious 24 Carrots Catering Company), I would love to have a "Happy 1st Birthday" Banner... just in case my guests were wondering what we all were celebratin'!

    My Clubhousin' Guests would find themselves "Mickey-ized" by wearing their own pair of Mouse Ears in addition to the several other "Snazz-tastic" activities being offered at the Bash such as...

    The variety of Clubhouse episodes airing on the one and only Pluto Presents Mickey Television set...

    Goofy's Treats Station filled with all sorts of goodies ranging from giant sized gum balls, to Skittles, chocolate candies, Starbursts, yummy for everyone's tummy Gummy Bears, Twizzlers and Swirl Lollipops- which most can't resist!

    And what if Donald Duck made an appearance at my Birthday? He could be in charge of the Drink Station...  "Donald's Drinks"... that has a "Quack-a-riffic" ring to it, doesn't it?

    I like to think of myself as a thoughtful sort of Kid, and I would love for everyone to see all of my Adventures that I have had over the past year... If only Daddy could put together a small feature film of, well... Me...

    And then, in my Dream of a Party, right as my Movie was coming to a close, Mama and Daddy would head up the most popular song sung at any Birthday Celebration... for those who have not guessed it, that Grammy winning tune is "Happy Birthday to London"...

    And as the last note is being sung... my vey own Birthday Cake would be delivered to my high chair on a crystal cake pedestal- well, it doesn't have to be real crystal, just a plate from Pier One will do.

    I wish it could have Mickey and Pluto on it... what if they could be flying in the "Toon Plane" on my cake? I love when the "Toon Plane" makes an appearance at the Clubhouse!

     I know that in the real world chances are slim that, Mick would be able show up for my Cake Smash time due to a full and hectic calendar schedule, but...


    It would be the best of the best and my dream come true if Mickey could be right by my very own side for my very first bite of cake... ever!

    Hold everything and back up the Toon Trolley! I got so carried away imagining Mick being at the Party that I overlooked exactly what I was discussing and that is...  Eatting cake?

    Excuse me? It's what?

    Probably not Organic...

    Now I KNOW this is all a dream!

    What would Mama say?

    I know what Daddy would say...

    He would want a bite... 

    No prob Daddy-O! I would share!

    Some may think that Birthday cake is over rated... not according to my dream it's not! I could eat it everyday if need be... or rather, if could be.

    None of my Guests would go without... no Sir-ee! They each could have their own choice of character cupcake... 

    They want a Pluto cake? Got it.

    Donald Cake? Boom Baby!

    Mickey cake? Check.

    Goofy Cake? Duh, of course!

    Boy, oh boy, do I have a crazy imagination! For presents, how about a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse talking pal...

    Some planes, trains and automobiles...

    What if I got a homemade Mickey, full-sized blanky quilted by the Grimmi?

    And now that I am eating human food, I do need some more grown up serving ware; like for an example, a Toy Story set of plates, bowls and to-go containers.

    Hey, and what one year old do you know that has ever turned down birthday bucks... How about birthday bucks filled up in a decorated Mickey Tower?


    Superb idea for a gift right here! What if my extremely talented and adorable Uncle Jer drew me a portrait of myself as a keepsake to be treasured for ever and EVER?

    And then... I woke up! But everything I had dreamt my Special Day to be, is everything my Special Day was! It was all really going on; the balloons, and iconic centerpieces and 24 Carrots and banners and feature films of me and a Goofy Treat Station and Mama was even hollerin' out prize winning raffle tickets... Mr. Sandman delivered- still trying to figure out who that is!

    Mama and Daddy told me that for every Birthday I get as many kisses as the number of year I am turning... But if the number of kisses from Mama and Daddy represent my age, than folks, I am one trillion and one half years old!

    Even Great Grandpa Lane knows about this Birthday rule!

    The day after my Birthday Bash I woke up still in utter disbelief!

    The Magic of The Clubhouse really came to life in celebration for my Birthday!

    It was this 1 year old's dream come true.

    Every gift I recieved that day is not just awesome to play with...

    They are all special and unique reminders of everyone who was there that made my Special Day perfect!

    And based on the number of gifts, this Kid has a lot of reminders!

    Honk if you're name is London and you are 1!!

    You know what sounds really good right now Birthday Peeps? 

    Another bite of my "Toon Plane" Cake!

    Cake is always better when you have good chums to enjoy it with!

    "Who's the Leader of the Club, 

    That's made for Mama and Me?


    See 'ya Real Soon...


    Why? Because I love you!


    I feel so loved, Mommy and Daddy, by all of the hard work y'all poured into my Birthday; including all of those trips to Jo-Anns and Michaels and stop offs at Chipotle. 

    Everything came together Mouska-riffically Folks!

    You are my Best Friends Mommy and Daddy... We are the 3 Muska, Mouska-teers!

    London's First Birthday at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I had the best day ever with you and the one and only Mickey Mouse!

    Now if only Mama and Daddy could take me to the Magic Kingdom also known as Disneyland... that would be the cherry on top for this Kid's First Birthday!

    Link to My One Year Feature Film: 
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