Pictures Of My Decorating For My Oscar Party

I love making something for each of my of my guest to take home from my parties. This year I made Oscar and Rose Chocolate Suckers! I used White Chocolate, Pistachios & Dried Cranberries... They tuned out very pretty!
Here are the Chocolate Suckers I made displayed on the table.
I also made a little Popcorn Station ...What are the Oscars without Popcorn?
I used Glass Flower Vases to put the Popcorn in!

I had a Chocolate Fountain going ...and I put out Strawberries, Shortbread Cookies, Potato Chips...yes Potato Chips don't knock it till you try it lol! and pretzels .
Buying a Chocolate Fountain is worth it if you have a lot of Parties and get togethers. If you can get them on sale or you have a Bed Bath and Beyond around you take in the 20%off coupon that are always in the mail.
I always like making Spa Water for my Guests.
I always like decorating my Fireplace for different Holidays and PartiesI used little signs as a makeshift Banner. I also put Black Roses I had used for my Halloween decorating. I had purchased a Photo Frame I had purchased from Hobby Lobby that looks like a negative was perfect to put pictures from my past Oscar Party's I have had with pictures of my Family and Friends. I like doing anything that adds a personal touch to the people that are coming to my parties!
I like decorating my dining room Table in the Family room to match the Kitchen and Family Room
I even do a little something in the Front of the house to welcome everyone before they even walk through the door.
I bought this sign at Hobby Lobby! My theme was Old Hollywood!
Here is a better look at the picture holder

Here is my Oscar Tree I have put up for the last couple of years...I bought the ornaments and Christmas Tree at Christmas time knowing that in Feb. I would be hosting my annual Oscar Party ..always think ahead and outside the box;)
The little Oscars I ordered from Oriental Trading Co. I do a lot of business with them and Shindigz
here are more Statues on the Coffee Table with my Black Blinged up Votive Candles!

Another view of the Fireplace
I also always decorate the Guest doing that!
Another part of the Bathroom.
This Star Candy Dish I made into aFloating Candle Holder! (Again thinking outside the box.)

And this is what makes it all worth while!

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