Denice Duszynski
OUR MORNING DRINK without the nervous jittery effects like coffee.

- 1 cup pineapple (aids digestion and rich in vitamin C and manganese which are natural energizers)
- 1 orange (helps combat fatigue)
- 1 grapefruit (Helps reduce fatigue and boost your metabolism - a similar effect that coffee has)
- 1 lemon (natural electrolytes, and a bitter taste that helps wake you up)
- 2 inches ginger (brings mental clarity and focus)

Juice (or blend if you don't have a juicer - if this is the case, then shred the ginger into the blender to avoid large chunks) and serve!

After drinking this juice you should feel energized - but not the same kind of energy you feel after drinking coffee. This energy is not nervous or jittery, and doesn't give you subtle anxiety that often comes with a strong coffee brew. This morning energizer, as I call it, will leave you feeling alert yet relaxed and at ease.

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